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Qaori, your Super App for a Resilient Ecosystem of Entrepreneurs, Social Enterprises, and Non-Profits, worldwide.

Free of charge cooperative ‘Swiss knife’: multiservice platform of finance, investment, crypto exchange, free global remittance, social marketplaces, social projects hub.

Video by Mok Boucher, Concierge, Marketing Qaori.coop

The financial coop you own

Autonomous, member-owned

Autonomous from governments, banks and markets, our cooperative belongs to its members.

It’s a collective effort to build a more resilient economy, and every member has a voice in this journey.

More than a bank, not a bank!

The cooperative operates various financial services with its currency, the Qaori ($Q), from remittance to crypto exchange, all 100% free.

Members benefit from a wide array of services to buy and sell using Qaori, on several marketplaces, at zero fees.

The cooperative is financed by a low 3% tax applied when Qaori are withdrawn from the platform.

Money with a mission

Fixed value, inflation-proof

Derived from the ancient cowrie shells, Qaori represents more than just money. It stands for a value that’s consistent and free from speculative volatility. In a sustainable economy, money should be a medium of exchange, not an object of speculation.

Digital or crypto, no fees

With Qaori, members benefit from a digital wallet and a fully-fledged cryptocurrency, decentralized, stable, and 100% backed by a global diversified portfolio.

Ready to shape the future of economy?